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Acoustic neuroma – How to get rid of it.

Today, the main target of our blog goes to be acoustic neuroma, which may be a noncancerous tumor that grows on the most nerve (known as vestibular nerve), leading from the internal ear on to the brain. In simpler words, acoustic neuroma may be a condition that damages the most nerve that connects the internal ear to the brain. This damage further causes deafness and imbalance.

Schwann cells provide coverage and support to all or any the healthy nerves present within the body. However, when Schwann cells start to grow and multiply too rapidly round the 9th nerve, acoustic neuroma takes place. Normally, the tumors progress very slowly, after variety of years, however; the symptoms related to it can appear all of a sudden.

This may be a rare condition and hardly, it grows. However, if it grows larger, it can press against the brain and inhibit the required functions of the brain. Therefore, if you experience any problem concerning hearing or imbalance, see the simplest neurosurgeon in Lahore.


Hearing loss at one side of the ear.

Uneasiness within the ear.

A sensation of ringing within the ear (known as tinnitus).

Faintness, imbalance and headaches.

Feelings of numbness on the face.

Taste loss might manifest itself on the backside of the tongue.

The symptoms of an acoustic neuroma are often confused with other conditions, for this reason; seeking medical advice is of crucial importance. The simplest neurosurgeon can address this disorder through frequent monitoring or medications, radiation and surgical intervention.

Acoustic neuroma is somehow difficult to detect, however; CT and resonance imaging scans are helpful in determining the situation also because the size of the tumor.

What Causes Acoustic Neuroma?

The actual explanation for this isn’t definite. However, some risk factors are often blamed for this condition, which are:

• Family history: people that have neurofibromatosis type 2 disease might develop an acoustic neuroma. Neurofibromatosis type 2 is a genetic disease that’s related to vestibular schwannomas.

• Exposure to radiation: long exposure to radiation to the top or neck also can cause an acoustic neuroma.

• Exposure to bang s: Consistent exposure to loud noise also can involve acoustic neuroma.

Possible Treatments for Acoustic Neuroma

Various treatment options are available to deal with this, counting on the age, general health, location and tumor size of the patient. At first, the doctor will evaluate the condition of the patient, if the tumor size is little and noncancerous, no procedure could also be required. However, if tumor size is large and may damage other functions of the brain, the treatment becomes mandatory. The dimensions of the acoustic neuroma tumor are taken into account small, when it’s under 2 cm in size, medium when it ranges from 2-4 cm and enormous when it’s quite 4 cm.

Following Are Some Treatment Options to Treat Acoustic Neuroma:

Radiosurgery: it’s one among the kinds of radiotherapy that intends to destroy the tumor with radiation. With the assistance of local anesthesia, the doctor will initially numb the scalp.

Microsurgery: This treatment involves the removal of the tumor via an incision made within the skull of the patient. In other circumstances, surgeons may only be able to remove a portion of the tumor. it’s so because eradicating the whole tumor can affect facial nerves, which may cause paralysis within the face. The surgeon can also use radiosurgery after this procedure to eradicate the remaining traces of the tumor.

Always believe the simplest neurosurgeon or neuro physician for the treatment of any neurological condition.

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