Bipolar Disorder Will Not Let You Live A Healthy Life

Do you feel like you are living a life with two extreme moods? For some days, you are so happy and energetic that you feel like you can conquer the world whereas; after a few days; you experience a drastic change in your mood and begin to feel highly depressed without any reason. If this is what you are experiencing, this blog is surely going to help you. And yes, here, we are referring to bipolar disorder. Consult the best psychiatrist in Lahore if you are going through some serious psychological issues.

Let us now tell you what bipolar disorder is or how does it feel like. Bipolar disorder is a mental condition in which a person feels extreme mood swings that include mania (it refers to the state of abnormally elevated mood and energy levels) and the state of being highly depressed.

In simpler words, under the impact of bipolar disorder, a person’s mood takes abrupt shifts from happiness to sadness and vice versa. When a person becomes depressed, he begins to lose interest or passion in almost all the activities. And when his mood shifts to mania, he begins to feel immensely energetic, euphoric and unstoppable. If you too are experiencing extreme mood swings, we advise you to see the best psychiatrist in Lahore because bipolar disorder can affect several aspects of your life including your sleeping routine, energy level, behavior and the ability to think vividly.

Major Signs & Symptoms

The major signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder change according to the phases (mood episodes) of mania and depression.

The symptoms associated with mania episode include:

Feelings of intense joy

Excessively energetic

Have trouble while falling asleep

Become more active than normal

Speaking speedily with excitement

Feelings of being capable to do anything

Willingness to do risky things

On the contrary, the symptoms of depression episode include:

Feelings of hopelessness and stress

Have no energy or interest to perform activities

Either sleeping an excessive amount of or not in the least

Feelings of emptiness and anxiousness

Lack of concentration

Lost memory; unable to remember things clearly

Either eating an excessive amount of or not in the least

Thoughts of suicidal attempts

These symptoms might have helped you enough to give some idea about how does bipolar disorder feels like. And if you are victimized by this mental condition, seek the professional help of the best psychiatrist.

Despite extreme mood swings, people living with bipolar disorder do not recognize how much their lives are suffering and how it is affecting others’ lives as well. For this reason, getting treatment for bipolar disorder from one of the best psychiatrists is necessary.

In addition, some people with bipolar disorder might like the feelings of extreme joy and being productive but they are unfamiliar with the fact that their state of great happiness can be followed by an emotional crash. They can experience severe depression at any time that can affect both: personal and professional lives. Here, it is noteworthy to mention that bipolar disorder doesn’t go by its own, therefore; get yourself checked by the best psychiatrist in Lahore, if you feel like you are suffering from this disorder.

Moreover, a less severe form of mania is hypomania, which for many people is normal. During this hypomania episode, a person feels good, optimistic and goes well with life. He/she may find it normal but people around him/her can recognize the abrupt changes in mood. And yes, without proper treatment, hypomania can develop into mania or severe depression over time.

Treatment For Bipolar Disorder

With the help of a professional, even the severe forms of bipolar disorder can get better. A combination of medications and psychotherapy by the best psychiatrist can address this mental condition. Different types of medication can help fight against bipolar disorder such as antidepressants, mood stabilizers and atypical antipsychotics. Whereas, different psychotherapies can be helpful in treating bipolar disorder including cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal and social rhythm therapy and psychoeducation.

Before winding up, we like to advise our readers that any mental disorder can become critical if it is not being diagnosed and treated timely. Mental disorders do not only affect an individual’s life but also the people surrounding him/her. And there is a dire need to open up about psychological issues so that we can decrease the rising number of suicide cases.

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