Blood donation, source of life

Thousands of people are fighting for life and death due to lack of blood in their body. Donating blood cures human health and dangerous diseases. Make yourself healthy by donating blood. Save the lives of others.

The blood is the most important part for human life, the lack of blood in the body does not only cause diseases, but also causes to end the life, then thousands of people in homes and homes are like this. Due to lack of blood, life is fighting and fighting.

It is very good to save the life of others by donating blood. Allah is the system that when the blood is donated to someone, the body becomes the blood and the body becomes sharp, the diseases are away and also protects many dangerous and deadly diseases. That is why to highlight the importance of donating the importance of donating blood, the global day of donors is celebrated on June 14.

On this day, various types of programs and medical experts are held on this day, seminars and appointments are held in order to donate blood and especially youth to donate blood and benefits from its benefits. It goes, so that they are aware of donating blood and they can save human knowledge while following it.

A negative thinking about donating blood here is that human health is badly affected by donating blood, weakness increases, the body becomes tired, etc., there is no reality. Health is good, it becomes new blood, the body becomes more powerful and the color is open and shaded.

Blood donation :

According to medical experts, a common human needs to donate blood at least twice a year, men can donate blood to three to four times when women can donate two to three times. Not only the affected person will get blood. The health of the person donating blood will also be better.

Blood donors should be donated :

Donating blood can save the lives of children with thalassemia, hemophilia and blood cancer. After which the blood begins to circulate throughout the body.

Essentials in Blood Donation :

First of all, make sure that your health allows you to save another person’s life by donating your blood.

Blood donation should be made in the presence of a major hospital, clinic, blood bank or a specialist and experienced cardiologist so that they can know if the donor is completely healthy.

When donating blood, keep accurate information about your age, as the age for donating blood is at least 17 years, if the age is less than that, blood cannot be donated.

It is not appropriate for women who are in the process of giving birth to a new baby to donate blood, as they may need blood themselves at the time of childbirth. It is not good for the health of the child and for the health of their unborn child.

People who have been suffering from a disease such as jaundice at any age should also refrain from donating blood.

It is important to avoid donating blood to people with colds, coughs, fever or lung infections, until the disease is gone.

There is nothing to worry about if a normal person feels weak or tired after donating blood. Feeling weak doesn’t matter.

A blood donation interval of at least three months is required.

Blood donors must be between the ages of 17 and 50 and weigh at least 50 kg.

Benefits of donating blood :

First of all, it is a service to humanity and by doing this goodness, the heart gets peace and spiritual satisfaction.

Donating blood speeds up the process of making new blood in the body.

Prevents heart disease and cancer, improves blood flow to the body.

Blood donation makes your health better and stronger.

Donating blood balances the amount of iron in the blood.

One of the main benefits of this is that the skin stays bright, radiant and energetic, and premature wrinkles are not affected.

The process of donating blood dissolves body fat, people who donate blood regularly do not suffer from obesity.

Donating blood reduces the risk of liver and leaf damage.

Donating blood really reduces the risk of bleeding in the body to a great extent.

Precautions in donating blood

After donating blood, the body begins to feel drowsy.

Use something powerful immediately after donating blood, such as juice, fruit, etc.

Avoid driving immediately after donating blood.

In case of severe dizziness, nervousness and headache, consult a specialist immediately.

Try to donate blood always under the supervision of a qualified doctor.

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