Breastfeeding and its benefits

Breastfeeding is a natural process that meets the basic nutritional needs of the baby and there is no substitute for it.

Breastfeeding is a natural process that provides the baby with basic nutritional needs. It also serves as the first vaccine for the unborn baby. It has no competition with any other milk. Its benefits to the baby as well as the mother. Are also obtained.

There is no substitute for breast milk. It is also called white gold. It changes over time.

According to the World Health Organization, breastfeeding should be given to the mother, even if it eliminates the weakness of the baby and he remains strong and strong. The death rate is lower in children who drink breast milk.

Breastfeeding protects babies from infections. Babies do not have diarrhea, pneumonia and developmental problems. Take

Women who work, that is, working lady, find it difficult to breastfeed their children. If they want good health of the child, they should sacrifice for the sake of the child, not deprive the child of the basic food for the sake of the job. Pay attention to and do not escape from the breast feed.

There are some women who keep their baby away from breast feed to keep themselves smart after becoming a mother. They abuse the health of the baby. According to medical experts, if the baby is breastfed, the chances of breast cancer are reduced.

It helps the mother to complete the delivery process. The chances of losing blood during delivery are reduced. It is also the best source of satisfaction for the mother. It helps to restore the health of the mother. It protects the mother from breast cancer in time. It also helps in raising blood pressure and controlling cholesterol.

Benefits of breastfeeding for a baby :

It is a complete and balanced diet for the baby. It also helps the baby to develop better with its nutritional needs. It also transmits many antibodies from the mother to the baby. Helps to eliminate but also improves the health of the baby. Breastfeeding plays an important role in the physical development as well as mental development of the baby. Provides nutritional needs to the baby for six months even the baby Does not even need water.

Breast milk boosts the baby’s immune system. Protects the baby from germs to keep the baby healthy. Protects the baby from allergies. Are

Essential instructions for breastfeeding :

The baby should be fed at least eight to ten times a day. The baby should be fed from both sides for at least 15 minutes so that the baby is completely healthy. The baby should be breastfed regularly for six months. After six months, the baby should continue to be breastfed along with soft food. The mother should breastfeed the baby for at least two years.

Important instructions for mother :

The mother should take full care of her health for the good health of the child. The mother should also take special care of cleanliness. If she is eating three meals a day, she should take an extra loaf of bread in it. At the same time, fruits should be included in the diet so that natural ingredients can enter the body and keep the mother healthy. Foods that are high in calcium such as yogurt, milk and dairy products are also part of the diet. Be made

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