Common causes and treatment of chest pain

A large number of emergency patients suffer chest pain. Despite being a very common condition, most cases of chest pain are not serious, but it is important to consult a doctor. Since chest pain can be caused by many diseases, it is a bit difficult to diagnose. Chest pain can be triggered by anything from anxiety to a heart attack.

common cause:

 chest pain can have many causes. These are listed below:

Heart problems: Many heart problems such as heart disease or angina can cause chest pain. But heart disease is different from other pain, so it’s easier to diagnose. The pain of a heart attack is actually felt like pressure on the chest and it can also travel to the left arm, jaw and neck. The person also starts having trouble in breathing and this pain is about 15 minutes.Systemic Problems:

 They are not very dangerous and usually get better after a while and most of the time the person gets infected after eating something hot. The most dangerous problems include stones in the leaves or pancreas in which the person feels constant chest pain, so if you have chest pain for more than a week, see a doctor immediately.

Lung problem:

Lung diseases, especially pneumonia and bronchitis, can also cause chest pain. This condition is more common in smokers whose lungs are damaged by smoking. In such a situation, avoiding cigarettes is the best strategy.

Muscle or bone problems:

 It is more common in athletes who are more vulnerable to these types of injuries.

How to diagnose?

Chest pain has many causes and is relatively difficult to diagnose. Chest pain can diagnosed with the following tests:

I EKG / ECG: This shows the functions of the heart.

I blood tests: they show the amount of specific enzymes


I chest x-ray

I stress test: This can tell whether the pain is due to anxiety or a heart attack.

I echocardiography: This measures the heart rate.


Chest pain is a bit difficult to treat at home, so try to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

I nitroglycerin and other medicines increase blood flow so that the heart can work better.

anti-anxiety medication to relieve stress

I Antacid for Heartburn

If my chest pain is due to a more serious problem, surgery may be done.

In short, chest pain can be caused by a number of problems and most of the causes are not fatal, but it is still necessary to consult a doctor in such a situation, as it can also be the beginning of a dangerous problem. If you ever experience any new type of chest pain, call an ambulance immediately or consult a doctor!

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