Diabetes and its prevention

Diabetes is often referred to as the mother of diseases because it not only affects blood glucose levels but can lead to many more diseases when you have diabetes and do not try to control it. Diabetes develops when the body does not make enough insulin or is unable to use insulin effectively or both, and other factors such as obesity, genetics and age can also play a role in more dangerous diabetes. You have to change your lifestyle to avoid the serious effects of high glucose levels but there is no reason to be overwhelmed, small steps and support is no way to get over any disease.

Requirement but it can’t overwhelm you

Diabetes can affect your life in many ways, so it is important that you eat healthy food and stay away from processed foods and sodas, etc. This means that you exercise regularly, take your medication on time. Take, get enough sleep and most importantly train yourself so that stress doesn’t overwhelm you, do some light exercise three to four days a week, tell yourself that you will only eat your favorite food that is so much on weekends Can’t be healthy.

Demand but can’t overcome it

When you feel that your blood glucose level is low or too high to be stressed, it is even more disturbing that you may have complications and have to deal with any complications beforehand. You may be overwhelmed, but as long as your normal glucose levels are not above normal, you are fine. It is important to note that high doses can have negative effects, so make sure you control your body. Does not completely deprive you of essential minerals

Deterioration but it has a satisfying aspect in a difficult situation

Dealing with an illness can be frustrating, especially when it is as severe and lasting as diabetes, a cupcake that doesn’t make you suddenly feel hungry and a large bowl of cheese pasta brings you everything you eat What we don’t realize is that even those who do not have diabetes are more likely to be obese or have high sugar intake, so stay tuned for diabetes. Healthy lifestyle

Distrust but if you know you can predict:

Diabetes is a complex disease, you may think you are eating better and your blood glucose levels will be stable but other things like stress outside work or your bad sleep habits can increase your diabetes levels. Maybe, be careful and don’t be superstitious when it doesn’t meet your expectations, guess what you are eating, keep exercising to a healthy level and you will get better.

Yes! You need to take your medication and insulin regularly as per the doctor’s instructions, get checked from time to time, yes, it is difficult but you can do it.

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