Do not take hepatitis lightly

The slightest carelessness in hepatitis can be fatal, along with medication, diet and precaution is the best treatment, special article on World Hepatitis Day

Hepatitis is a disease that is caused by a specific virus that infects the body, especially the liver, and progresses over time. The virus directly affects the liver. The liver plays an important role in making blood in the human body. The virus stops the formation of blood, which leads to hepatitis.

The liver acts as a filter in the human body, flushes out waste products and provides fresh blood and health to the body by wrapping up important nutrients. When the liver stops working, the face and body turn yellow and even the urine feels bitter and yellow like oil.

Hepatitis is a small disease, but it is attacking people day by day and engulfing them. According to medical experts, if it is ignored, the consequences can be a serious illness or death. I can also come forward.

The purpose of this World Day is to provide people with information on the severity of hepatitis, its symptoms, its causes, diet, treatment and precautions. Shed light on and benefit people with their valuable feedback.

The main causes of hepatitis

Germs from human waste

Blood transfusions and blood-borne infections.

Reuse used syringes in hospitals and clinics.

Reckless use of drugs and narcotics.

Excessive smoking and drinking.

Excessive alcohol consumption.

Waking up late at night

Sexual carelessness.

Don’t be hygienic when it comes to eating and drinking.

Use of contaminated and dirty water.

Consume high fat and poultry foods.

Reuse of the blade used during shaving.

Eating too much hot food.

Excessive consumption of dried fruits.

Drink less water

Types of hepatitis :

Hepatitis A, B and C are particularly noteworthy.

Hepatitis A :

It is caused by the waste products and germs that come out of the body, the use of contaminated and sterile water, sexual intercourse, such as hepatitis A, etc.

In this case, the patient shows fever, fatigue, weakness, body trembling, yellowing of the eyes, yellowing and bloating of the skin, persistent nausea and frequent vomiting and diarrhea, ie symptoms of hepatitis. Is.

Hepatitis B :

It causes hepatitis B, blood that comes out of the body, semen that comes out at the end of sex, and saliva that comes out of the mouth. Sexual intercourse means having sex in an unnatural way. Injections and syringes are used interchangeably, especially during childbirth, in the form of hepatitis. Decreases, the eyes become yellow,Itching on the body, vomiting, vomiting, motion sickness and nausea are all symptoms of hepatitis B.

Hepatitis C :

The causes and symptoms are the same as those found in hepatitis A and B, especially in people with health problems, because used syringes can be injected lightly into the body. The disease can take its place, as well as women who go through the ordeal of giving birth to a new baby. Is.

Disadvantages of not treating :

If the disease is taken lightly and ignored like the common cold, then the disease can be fatal, including cancer, liver dysfunction is particularly noteworthy.

Diagnosis of hepatitis :

There are no expensive tests to diagnose the disease, but a blood test called LFT, which is a liver function test. Comes.

Diet, treatment and precautions in hepatitis :

Hepatitis is a disease that requires treatment as well as diet and precaution. Because the liver is affected, rest, caution and diet are essential and play an important role in getting rid of the disease.

Avoidance and caution :

 Hepatitis patients need to rest constantly.

Be very careful when walking.

Avoid fatty foods.

Strictly avoid excessive walking and walking.

Avoid drinking bad and substandard water.

Get enough sleep, especially at night.

Men should make a special shave at home.

Effectively avoid eating hot foods.

Use as much water as possible and drink as much sugarcane juice as possible.

Prefer clean home-cooked meals.

Avoid indoors, especially fast food poisoning.

Avoid cold colors and other substandard beverages.

Protect yourself from tea and coffee.

Avoid red meat such as beef, buffalo and camel meat.

Avoid smoking.

Treatment of hepatitis

When symptoms of the disease appear, first consult a specialist and a qualified doctor, especially follow the medication and advice prescribed by the doctors. Also, do home treatment with the permission of the doctor so that the disease can be cured as soon as possible. Get it

Increase the use of sugarcane juice and ganderi.

If fresh carrots are available in cold weather, then extract their juice, clean them, mix a little Egyptian in it and drink it. It also makes blood and cleanses.

Use milk and yogurt but remove the frozen top.

Use vegetables that strengthen the liver and improve liver function.

The use of turmeric helps in the regeneration of liver cells.

Eating raisins mixed with roasted lentils makes blood faster.

Use succulent flowers as advised by the doctor.

Use fish and poultry but with caution.

Fruits that are high in vitamin C should be used to strengthen the liver and speed up the process of blood formation.

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