How does language affect our brain?

Of course, learning a new language changes the structure of our brain. It makes our brain networks more powerful and active by increasing the connectivity and coordination, and this change is beyond the confines of age. Therefore, at any time and at any age, a person can become acquainted with a new language. And it would not be wrong to say that grasping linguistics makes a person intelligent!

Just as food and water are important to the body, language and communication are just as important to the brain. Communication is about conveying your message to someone else, and it is impossible without language. Linguistics is an essential part of our lives.

Language and brain:

Hey, two parts of the brain are dedicated to language. And research shows that these two parts are found on the left side of our brain.

1. Broca area: This part of the brain controls all the elements involved in speaking and writing language. For example, the payment of sentences is a feature of this section.

2. Vernix area: It works for language comprehension. For example, if a person listens, then the understanding and interpretation of what is heard is actually done with the help of this part.

If either of these two parts is damaged, the person loses the ability to understand the language or to speak it correctly.

Research has shown that learning more languages   not only increases the size of the brain but also increases its efficiency. One study found that students who are trying to learn more languages   have a significant change in a part of their brain called the hippocampus, which is linked to learning new things.

Effects of two languages:

There has been a lot of research on the acquisition of more than one language and the consequent effects on our brains and minds, and it has been found that the use of more than one language can lead to various diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Protects against other memory impairments.

Research has also shown that people who are fluent in two languages   live an average of 5 years longer than the average person. It is even said that the most effective treatment for dementia is the acquisition of a second language.

People who are bilingual can easily separate the intelligible things from any data and separate the unnecessary part without any effort.

How do linguistics affect our understanding?

Do you think that the use of two different languages has any effect on our perception of this world and the people in it?

A journalist published an article in the New York Times; He wrote in “The Language Gap”:

” Language also identifies human behavior. People who speak more than one language are more likely to change their language. Feelings and perceptions also change. “

Research today has proved that the words of this famous journalist were not wrong. Our language is not only the guarantor of our social attitudes but it is also a regular reflection of our intellect.

The power of our brain is actually in our language. Our decision-making, our communication, our understanding and our perception of the surrounding society are all directly influenced by our language. So acquiring any new language burns our brain and makes it more diligent!

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