Oxygen shot: healthy or dangerous?

Aren’t you surprised by the relentless popularity of Oxygen Shot? If so, you are in the right place because today we will study them carefully. The Oxygen Shot, which has become an integral part of every nightclub, casino and bar today, is a very pure form of oxygen adorned with various fragrances. In the last few years, this thing has gained immense popularity all over the world, especially in countries like Japan and Canada.

The oxygen shot is presented in a glass cylindrical glass in which it is inhaled through a plastic tube. The normal level of oxygen in the air is 21%, which is much less than the 95% in the shot and that is why it has effects.

 The high levels of oxygen in it are responsible for boosting energy, improving mood and relaxing. To further strengthen this view, it is claimed that doctors also use oxygen in cancer, lung problems and various heart diseases.

Despite these assumptions, the long-term effects of oxygen shots on the human body are not without doubt. According to recent data from the American Lung Association, oxygen shots have no health effects on the human body or psyche. In addition, no serious damage could be done to their use.

However, oxygen is very beneficial in some diseases but its severe amount can be harmful to health. According to an article in The Lancet magazine published in 2018, too much oxygen can be fatal in some emergency diseases. According to health experts, only 21% of the oxygen in our blood can be absorbed.

At the same time, the aroma that comes from them is produced by passing oxygen through various aromatic oils which can cause dizziness and headaches. And the devices used to use them are not sterile because they are not properly sterilized, which can lead to the transmission of respiratory diseases. Oxygen shots are not only harmful for people with heart and respiratory diseases but also for people who have had chemotherapy.They too can be badly affected. This is not without danger for the lungs of a healthy person.

If you are fond of oxygen shots and can’t avoid it, at least reduce its intensity and number. Just one and a half hours of fun can lead to a lifetime of illness. So take care of your health first and avoid such problems as much as possible.

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