Preeclampsia: High blood pressure during pregnancy is dangerous

Preeclampsia is a disease that is caused by an increase in blood pressure during pregnancy. In case of pregnancy, do not hide anything from your doctor regarding blood pressure, the slightest carelessness can be fatal for the life of both mother and baby.

Blood pressure is especially important in pregnancy, which is why when a woman has her first check-up after pregnancy, her blood pressure is checked first and it is monitored at every visit. That if the blood pressure is high, it becomes a test for both the birth of the child and the life of the mother, which can have dangerous consequences.

There are two types of blood pressure in pregnant women. One is that if the blood pressure is high before they become pregnant, it is a risk to the woman and if the blood pressure starts to rise after pregnancy, it can affect the life of both mother and baby. This is why doctors first get complete information about blood pressure from pregnant women so that full attention can be paid to both mother and baby during treatment.

During pregnancy, blood pressure needs to be controlled not only with food but also with medication, which is very important. Most women say that if they reduce their salt intake or include in their diet a diet that can control their blood pressure. It is not possible to control it by resorting to drugs which are necessary to save the lives of both mother and child.

One of the main reasons for this is that the medicine that is used in normal days due to high blood pressure cannot be given during pregnancy, for which doctors and only prescribe medicines which are beneficial. These are medicines that are not harmful to the baby in the womb, which also keeps the blood pressure under control and keeps the baby safe. If these medicines do not control the blood pressure, the doctor will consider the patient’s condition. Begin to increase the amount of.

The process of raising blood pressure during pregnancy is called a disease like copraclemia, it is actually a process that causes high blood pressure during pregnancy, protein starts to come in the urine, certain organs of the body start to break down. , Especially the kidneys and liver are affected.

Preeclampsia occurs in women after the twentieth week of pregnancy. If left untreated, it can be serious for both the mother and the baby and can be fatal if left untreated. Can also be proved.

Symptoms of preeclampsia

The first sign is that the patient‘s blood pressure is often elevated.

Checking a blood pressure above 140 in three or four hours is also considered an important symptom of the disease.

Urine ie high amount of protein in the urine

Frequent severe pain in the head, heavy eyes.

Blurred vision.

Feeling the light shining in the eyes.

Having difficulty breathing.

Flatulence due to high blood pressure.

Upper abdominal pain or recurrent pain.

Decreased amount of urine.

Sudden weight gain.

Swelling of the body.

Excessive swelling on the hands and face.

Having vomiting, by the way, is usually a natural process during pregnancy, but having too much is a sign of preeclampsia.


If preeclampsia is not treated immediately, the child’s blood supply is affected.

As a result, the baby does not grow well and the baby’s health begins to suffer.

Babies born in this way get into trouble later on.

They face many health problems.

Preeclampsia often causes or causes premature birth.

Such children suffer from respiratory illnesses immediately after birth.

Preeclampsia increases the chances of a premature birth.

Preeclampsia also increases a woman‘s risk of bleeding during delivery.

This lowers the platelets in the blood.

The disease also causes frequent seizures, which is a completely different case.

In this case, the only solution is to give birth prematurely in order to save lives.

When blood pressure rises, the mother begins to have seizures, which are dangerous for both.

Having preeclampsia also increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

 The mother is also more likely to have kidney failure in preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia is more common in women

The disease can also be contracted in women whose family members have had it before.

If a mother, sister, or close relative has been affected, it can be passed on to the family and traveled for generations.

Women who have high blood pressure or depression before pregnancy are more likely to have preeclampsia.

Heavy, fat and obese women who do not pay attention to their weight are more likely to suffer from preeclampsia.


Pregnancy All checkups should be done on time.

Each check-up has a blood pressure record that makes it easier to understand the disease.

Delivery to smaller hospitals should be avoided.

Choose a hospital where basic medical facilities are available.

Women who suffer from high blood pressure before they become pregnant should first inform their doctor about their blood pressure in case of pregnancy so that the doctor will be aware of the patient till the delivery and the treatment will be easier. Make


Just as salt can be controlled by reducing salt in normal days to lower blood pressure, so too can precautionary measures be taken if salt is used sparingly during pregnancy.

Meat, especially beef, should be avoided.

Everything except salty foods can be eaten.

All kinds of fruits help in maintaining good health. It is better to consume fruits as much as possible during pregnancy.

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