Psoriasis is a common but painful skin disease

Human skin is very sensitive. It protects the body from external influences such as intense sun, heat, cold and various germs. There are some skin diseases that can be cured if they are controlled in the beginning. There are many types of psoriasis and they can affect people of any age.

Psoriasis is a common but dangerous skin disease. In addition to psoriasis, it is also called eczema in English. This disease makes the affected person irritable and restless. Psoriasis is more painful than skin and diseases.

It is a chronic disease in which the skin feels itchy and irritated. The upper surface of the skin becomes rough in this disease. It seems. In some people, psoriasis is caused by a specific infection that occurs after surgery, wounds, sore throats and the use of a variety of medications.

Psoriasis on the skin is psoriasis-like and has a lot of itching. According to experts, this disease is a sign of stroke and heart disease. This condition is caused due to freezing of blood in the arteries. ۔

It increases the production of cells in the upper layer of the skin and the skin on the affected parts is covered with rough, thick and fine silver peels. Itching may also occur in such areas. After complete recovery from treatment, the disease may recur.

Psoriasis affects people between the ages of 20 and 40 more. Psoriasis affects the elbows, arms, knees, legs and back of the body. The disease also affects the human scalp, the main symptom of which is severe itching of the scalp.

Causes of psoriasis :

 1. Lack of hygiene in daily life.

 2. Poor digestive system

 3. Ignoring the cleanliness of the body and clothes, that is, keeping oneself dirty.

 4. Chronic constipation and lack of defecation.

 5. Use of narcotics.

6.  Stress, depression.

 7. Alcohol and excessive consumption of alcohol.

 8. Drink plenty of tea.

Symptoms of psoriasis :

   1.Psoriasis is a condition in which small red spots and sometimes dark spots appear on the skin.

  2. The layer that forms on the skin is sometimes very thin and sometimes a little thick.

 3. Psoriasis is a disease that spreads slowly from the place where it appears on the skin.

 4. Psoriasis takes a certain amount of time to heal, which takes some time.

 5. The disease is more common on the knees, head, back and elbows.

 6. It feels very itchy, inflamed and irritated on the skin.

Treatment of psoriasis :

* First of all, in case of the appearance of the disease, a dermatologist and a qualified doctor should be consulted

* Follow the doctor’s instructions and advice specifically.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis :

 For the treatment of psoriasis, jujube syrup is mixed with half a glass of water and taken orally.

 Apply coconut oil on the skin where psoriasis appears for a while and then massage lightly with cold water.

Wash it off

 Apply honey on psoriasis and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes then clean it with clean and lukewarm water.

The use of aloe Vera has amazing benefits in psoriasis.

 Eating fish is useful to eliminate psoriasis, itching and inflammation.

 Finely grind Malanga seeds and mix it with coconut oil to get rid of psoriasis and infections on the skin.

It happens.

 The use of cashews eliminates diseases such as dry psoriasis.

Caution in psoriasis :

 Avoid using skin drying soap.

* Protect yourself from prolonged use of water in this disease, ie washing dishes and the house.

* Avoid salty water for washing and bathing.

* Take special care of it in winter season and protect it from external drying

Avoid itching in psoriasis :

Psoriasis usually starts with repeated itching of the skin due to dry allergies or any other reason.

Therefore, the patient should avoid itching at the site of psoriasis. Psoriasis wounds

It should be noted that psoriasis has nothing to do with injury, but psoriasis, like diarrhea, is recurrent.

Therefore, the patient‘s life system is severely affected.

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