Skin protection in winter :

Climate change brings big problems for the skin. Whether the weather is hot or dry in winter, human skin faces all kinds of problems. Weather first shows its effect on the skin which is already in some way. Be inspired by

For those who do not take good care of their diet, winter adds more color to their skin, causing the skin to crack and dry out, which in turn can lead to stress.

The better the food, the brighter the skin. The gifts of winter are also beneficial for the skin. If information is obtained about them, the skin can be kept beautiful and beautiful even in winter.

Cold weather is a good thing to say, but for those whose skin is dry, the cold becomes a test for them. The effects of dry weather on the skin are the first to be formed.

It has often been observed that in winter the skin becomes lifeless and rough due to lack of perspiration. When there is a lot of sweat in summer, the skin becomes soft and supple. Blowing air keeps the skin dry.

Causes of dry skin in winter

* Use a substandard and cheap cream on hands, feet, face or body.

* Dry winds in winter that affect the skin.

* Artificial room heating in cold weather and sitting in front of too many heaters.

* Use substandard soap or lotion on the skin.

To protect the skin

* People who are worried about their skin in winter should take care of it according to their skin.

* Use milk, yogurt, buttermilk, juice and water as much as possible.

* Be sure to include juicy fruits and vegetables in your diet to keep your skin healthy.

* To get rid of chapped lips in winter season, mix half a teaspoon of castor oil in lemon and honey juice and then apply this mixture on the lips before going to bed at night, in the morning the lips will look soft and fresh.

* In case of chapped lips in winter, drink as much water as possible throughout the day.

* On cold days, before going to bed at night, if you apply coconut oil on the feet and especially the heels and cover it, the heels will not explode.

* In winter, apply cold cream on the skin and sleep.

* Be sure to massage the oil before taking a bath in winter.

Useful foods for the skin in winter

Carrots :

 Carrots contain vitamin A and beta carotene, anti-aging agents that protect the skin from dry and cold weather winds. It is possible to prevent anti-aging.

jujube :

Jujube is a very good medicine, which hides your age like a secret. Especially in cold weather, when the skin is dry, it is especially protective, the use of jujube is very useful for the skin. Is.

rose water :

When cold weather affects dry skin, rose liqueur is a good defense because rose liqueur has anti-aging and antioxidant properties. When applied, in cold weather, dry skin produces moisture and the skin blooms like a rose.

papaya :

Wherever the beauty of the skin, the radiance in the skin is concerned, papaya looks indispensable. Papaya has such amazing properties for shielding the skin that the human intellect is stunned. Papaya is rich in vitamin A . From 200 Consumption of 250 grams of papaya daily prevents dry skin from being affected in weather .

Lavender oil :

Lavender oil is the best treatment for women to protect their skin from dryness in cold weather. This oil has anti-aging magic effect to protect the skin from being affected. Start using lavender oil and then protect yourself from the effects of anti-aging skin.

Apple :

 Apples have amazing benefits in protecting the skin in dry weather. Applying apple pulp on the skin as a mask makes the skin smooth and soft, dryness does not affect the skin in cold weather, use this mask to brighten the face. Shines like

Almonds :

Almonds are rich in vitamin E and an antioxidant that help maintain healthy skin, especially when eating almonds makes the skin glow and also creates tension in the skin which makes the skin more radiant.

Fish :

Eating fish in winter is its own pleasure. Fish is the best food to bring delicacy and beauty in the skin.

Peanut :

  Peanuts are rich in high quality protein. Their oils are used to enhance beauty. It promotes the growth of the outer skin and enhances the beauty. Peanut oil milk and liqueur. Applying it mixed with roses removes skin blockage in winter.


Water is consumed less in winter. To make up for this deficiency, nature made canoe a winter fruit, so that the body could get water in the form of fruit. Canoe is a very useful fruit for skin health, the vitamin C and antioxidants present in canoa have been shown to be beneficial in keeping the skin healthy, removing blemishes and creating radiance.

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