Treatment of indigestion

What is indigestion?

Excess of anything is harmful to health. Human health depends on its digestive system. Standard foods not only restore health by strengthening the stomach, but also strengthen the stomach.

  • The function of the stomach in the human body improves health. The food that a person eats helps the stomach to digest it. Sometimes in case of extreme hunger, too much food is eaten, which the stomach does not have the power to digest. It results in indigestion. Indigestion occurs in different forms in which.

Irritation of the stomach and chest.

 Gas formation

 Feeling acidic.

 Having vomiting or nausea.


All of these conditions are called indigestion.

To prevent indigestion

Include foods that are easily digested as part of your diet.

Eat vegetables and meat prepared in broth instead of dry foods.

Use light foods instead of hot spices.

Use more pulses in your diet. It also provides protein and is easily digested.

Avoid overeating.

When eating, leave some part of the stomach empty so that you do not feel heavy in nature

Be careful not to go to bed immediately after eating.

Eat at night about an hour before bed.

If you take a short walk after eating, the food is digested quickly and sleep is good.

Sleeping immediately after eating is harmful to the stomach which leads to indigestion.

Fast foods are mostly dry so avoid eating them.

Give more importance to home meals than to outdoor ones, which are sterile.

Avoid drinking a glass of water after eating.

Foods useful for digestion


Eggs are a more nutritious food than milk for full strength. It is a food-like medicine that not only strengthens the body but also keeps it away from many diseases. Eggs are eaten in different ways. An egg cooked in too much ghee causes indigestion, while a half-boiled egg is digested faster than a boiled egg, which does not cause heaviness in nature.


Yogurt is a food that has been the subject of hundreds of studies so far, most of which prove its benefits. One of the opinions of experts about yogurt is that if it is used regularly, it never invites premature aging. Yogurt improves the digestive system. It keeps away from heartburn and acidity. And prevents indigestion.


Small lemons rich in vitamin C have wonderful treasures inside. The use of lemons in foods protects against heartburn, acidity and gastritis. There are also some poultry foods that are quickly digested by adding lemon drops on top, which include nahari, paya and haleem. Not only is the flavor enhanced but these foods are also easily digested.


While food is useful for preventing indigestion, water also has its own unique power. Water is helpful in digesting solid foods. Experts report that drinking water before meals increases the speed of metabolism, and Drinking water in between relieves stomach acidity and heartburn.


Rich in vitamin A and vitamin B, this fruit looks cheap and common but plays an important role in removing toxins from the body. The use of papaya reduces stomach inflammation, constipation and heartburn. If people suffering from indigestion eat papaya one hour after eating, then their digestive system remains correct.

Fennel and mint:

Fennel and mint water is considered to be the best treatment for indigestion. Fennel and mint water soothes the esophagus. In case of vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, it strengthens the stomach and relieves indigestion. ۔

Apple cider vinegar:

The use of vinegar is both Sunnah and healing. Drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water keeps the digestive system healthy and also gets rid of indigestion. Using vinegar in salads keeps the health good and the digestive system active.

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