Treatment of knee and joint pain

Whatever the disease, only the sufferer knows what is going on with it. There are some diseases which arise with the passage of time and then there is no cure for them. Knee and joint pain is very important in such diseases and worth mentioning.

Women are more likely to have this disease than men. Especially after childbirth, joint and knee pain problems effects them more than normal women.

If you want to walk, the joints in the human body are essential, walking, sitting, and performing all the functions of life.  Life becomes dependent on others if they become weak or stop doing their work.

It is very important to know the symptoms and causes of knee and joint diseases, and in this case it is very important to know what precautions the patient should take so that they can get rid of the pain.

Causes of knee and joint pain:

* According to experts, no specific cause of this disease has come to light so far. Scientists consider a number of factors to be the cause of this disease. The foremost among them is inheritance.

* Calcium deficiency in the body, insomnia and physical weakness is also a reason.

* Decreased or weakened immunity in the body is considered a major cause of knee and joint pain.

بیماری Arthritis is also called arthritis. This disease has cells in the body that work against their own body.

* Increased uric acid in the human body is considered a major cause of joint and knee pain.

* Excessive cholesterol in the body is also a major cause of these diseases.

* Drugs or excessive alcohol consumption also affects the bones of the body, including knee and joint pain is significant.

* Increased amount of calcium and potassium in the blood also gives rise to this disease.

Symptoms of knee and joint pain:

* Weakness of the body, frequent feeling of fatigue, shortness of breath.

* Persistent fever and especially enlarged tonsils and swelling.

* Negligence in feeding after childbirth in women giving birth to a new baby.

* Frequent urination, stagnation, inflammation or burning in the urine.

* Persistent cold and sore throat.

* Increased difficulty in walking and getting up and sitting.

Precautions and treatment:

* Do not use too much rice in your daily diet.

* Eating out is better than eating clean food at home.

* Fast food may seem clean, but it is also a cause of the disease, so avoid it.

* Use foods that are rich in food such as lentils, pies, arvi, bhandi, etc.

* Do not spend much time in the water and especially women who spend most of their time in household chores washing dishes and clothes.

* Massage the joints.

* Exercise regularly, but if it is more painful, consult your doctor and exercise according to his instructions.

* Avoid foods that cause an increase in uric acid in the body.

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