Treatment of mouth ulcers

Whatever the disease, timely treatment is both Sunnah and necessary. There are some diseases which we ignore and then with the passage of time those minor diseases come to the fore in the form of major diseases and then their treatment. There is too much difficulty in treatment.

In some of these diseases, ulcer is a disease that can be painful as well as dangerous. There are different types of ulcers but stomach and mouth ulcers are more common. Mouth ulcers are not only a cause of pain for the patient. Eating and drinking can even affect a person’s ability to speak.

Oral ulcers, if ignored for a long time, then turn into oral cancer. That is why medical experts agree that if the ulcer appears or is proven, a specialist doctor should be consulted immediately. Should be referred to and its treatment should be made possible.

What is a mouth ulcer?

Mouth ulcers are actually a disease in which pimples form inside the mouth. It is also caused by heat in the stomach, liver and stomach and they are also caused by an infection or a virus. They take shape and then burst after their period and take the form of a wound.

Symptoms of mouth ulcers

* Mouth ulcers include burning sensation in the tongue and inner part of the mouth.

* Oral ulcers cause irritability in the body.

* The taste in the mouth changes. Most of the time, in case of blisters, there is a slight bleeding.

* Chili spice and often drinking water also causes discomfort in the mouth.

* Mouth ulcers mainly affect the gums, lips and jaw.

Treatment of mouth ulcers

Basil leaves:

Treatment with herbs from ancient times is still important today. According to renowned and expert physicians, if basil leaves are placed in the mouth and chewed, mouth ulcers disappear very quickly.


Nature has cured every disease in honey. That is why its importance and usefulness has also been mentioned in the Holy Quran. Honey contains natural ingredients which can cure the disease without any adverse effects. Mouth ulcers are rashes and blisters inside the mouth. In this case, if honey is applied on them, ulcers can be cured.


Stomach and liver are also a major cause of mouth ulcers. There are some things that grow on the ground that remove the heat inside and soften it. Poppy has many benefits in it. Poppy if eaten in food. Additionally, mouth ulcers can be avoided.

Coconut water:

The special thing about coconut is that nothing is useless, its peel, pulp, water and bark all have their own impression. In mouth ulcers, it is not possible to chew coconut and eat it in the inner parts of the mouth. There is also pain.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda contains ingredients that have the ability to eliminate mouth ulcers and acidity. Mixing a little baking soda in a cup of water and rubbing it with it removes mouth ulcers and also gives relief in grains. ۔

Aloe Vera:

This is a natural plant that is best for reducing pain. Aloe Vera gel applied to the blisters and pimples inside the mouth will get rid of the disease in a few days. Aloe Vera to heal mouth blisters in moments. Has power

Tea bags:

Tea bags have a magical effect for immediate relief from mouth ulcers. Dipping a tea bag in water and applying it on the affected area not only gives relief but also eliminates mouth ulcers to a great extent.

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