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How to relief sciatica pain?

Scurvy is the longest nerve in the body. Scurvy has become common in modern times. It is thought that most women suffer from this scourge, so it is called scurvy. It is not that men also suffer from this pain but their number is less than that of women.

Schizophrenia is a pain that starts in the lower back, extends from the spine to the right and to the left and extends to the legs. The nerve goes from the spinal cord to the heel of the nickel

This pain is usually in one leg and is more or less severe. The sufferer is constantly in a state of restlessness. It becomes difficult

The onset of this pain is in the form of a burning sensation in a nerve. It is the largest nerve in the body which extends from the lower back to the feet. Sitting or standing also increases the intensity of pain. Gets done

Sweating causes :

Severe back trauma, spinal cord seizures, more or less space between the seals, hip muscle inflammation, constipation, lifting too much weight, nervous tension, lying on the same cortex, someone Due to the accident, all the factors that put a strain on the sciatic nerve and cause stress can cause pain.

Women who wear high heels, people who sleep on soft mattresses, and obese people are more likely to get this disease because of the constant strain on their sciatic nerve. Often the bill also falls and there is severe pain from pressing the knee

Medication is also required for pain. With medication, if care and abstinence is followed, the patient can recover in a few weeks. In such cases, the patient has to change his eating, sleeping, getting up and massaging the patient. Can relieve pain if taken with the help of a physiotherapist olive oil will be better for massage

Exercise to reduce the pain of intoxication :

 This disease can cause severe pain if it is not treated in time. There are some exercises that can relieve the patient suffering from this pain. While exercising, we should make sure that the place is smooth and airy. Mattress can be used for exercise.

Exercise that stretches from the knees to the chest :

Lift your knees up and join your chest until you feel tension in your back and hips. Keep your body in the same position for five to ten minutes and repeat this exercise on the other leg in an open and airy place for exercise. Choose to wear tight clothing for exercise so that it is not difficult to exercise

Exercises from the legs to the waist :

Lie down straight and keep your back straight. Pull one leg towards the other leg and maintain this position for 30 seconds then repeat this process on the other leg and do this exercise thrice.

Stretch from waist to the thighs :

Lie on the floor then stretch your leg at a 90 degree angle and keep your hips straight. Stay in this position for one minute then repeat the same process on the other side.

Lie on the floor and keep your elbows inward and keep your hands under your shoulders. Keep your arms straight so that you can lift your upper body off the floor while keeping your hips and thighs on the floor and in this position for 30 seconds. And repeat this year five times

Abdominal exercise:

Lie on your back and bend your knees and keep your legs straight on the floor and lift your hips up from the floor. In this position you will feel stretched.


If you find it difficult to lie on your stomach, you can place the pillow under your chest. When you are in a position to lie on your stomach, remove the pillow. Keep your hips straight on the floor and in this position for ten seconds. Stay and repeat this exercise five times


Such patients should avoid weight lifting, do not sit in damp and wet places and above all avoid stress and anxiety.

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