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Do You Experience Numbness or Change in complexion In Your Fingers & Toes?

Do you have a numbness and cold sensation in your fingers and toes when you’re exposed to cold weather or under stress? Do you notice that the color of your fingers and toes changes suddenly, from white to blue to red? If so, you would possibly be affected by Raynaud’s disease. Also mentioned as a digital artery condition, in Raynaud’s disease, small arteries that provide blood to the skin becomes narrowed and restrict blood circulation to certain parts of the body. When this happens, affected areas experience numbness and alter in color. The simplest vascular surgeon in Pakistan is that the one who is well-qualified to deal with all the digital artery conditions.

Raynaud’s illness causes an affected person’s fingers or toes to have decreased circulation for a short period of time when exposed to particular stimuli. Though it’s a rare disorder, Raynaud’s affects the blood vessels that are liable for completing blood from the guts to other parts of the body. When blood vessels become narrowed, the blood flow becomes restricted, which then causes numbness and alter in color to the fingers and toes. In some cases, Raynaud’s also can affect other parts of the body like nose, ears and lips. If you’re the one who suffers through this condition most frequently, get yourself treated by one among the simplest vascular surgeons in Lahore.

Raynaud’s disease

Raynaud’s disease is further divided into two categories: primary and secondary. Primary Raynaud’s is more common and fewer critical. During this attack, either a really little or no blood flows to the fingers, toes and other affected areas of the body. As a result of this attack, the skin turns into white and blue color for a few times. Because the blood flow returns, an individual is probably going to feel a sensation of burning, numbness or tingling.

As as an example, some individuals experience such attacks while seeing their fingers turn blue once they take something out of the freezer, where the temperature is generally cold.

Raynaud’s illness is usually harmless and does not cause any problems. However, people who have Raynaud’s attacks that are severe and frequent are more prone to develop skin ulcers and gangrene. Therefore, if someone recurrently faces Raynaud’s attack, it’s better to consult the simplest vascular surgeon as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Numbness

For better understanding, allow us to now jump into the symptoms/signs of Raynaud’s disease:

Skin color changes: it can become pale, white, or blue.

The sensation of numbness and pain

Tingling or burning within the affected areas when blood flow returns

Skin sores or gangrene

Raynaud’s attacks can either stay for a moment or several hours.

We recommend our readers to ascertain the simplest vascular surgeon in Lahore if someone is experiencing such sorts of symptoms.

Causes & Risk Factors Numbness

After discussing the signs/symptoms of Raynaud’s disease, allow us to now highlight the possible causes also as risk factors of this disorder.

Diseases that affect the nerves and arteries of the hands and feet.

Repetitive acts that damage the affected areas’ arteries.

Injuries also can damage nerves or arteries of the hands, feet and other parts of the body.

Certain medications can affect vital sign and narrow the arteries.

The risk factors of Raynaud’s disease might include gender, age, case history and climate. Raynaud’s attacks are more common in women under the age of 30. Also, cold temperatures also can trigger Raynaud’s.

Treatment Options for Raynaud’s Attacks

There are variety of the way to stop Raynaud’s attacks, such as:

Keep yourself warm the maximum amount as you’ll, especially in cold temperatures.

Keep your hands and feet covered in weather.

If you’re susceptible to Raynaud’s attacks, it’s better to guard your fingers and toes against any damage and infection. Moreover, try avoiding triggers that aggravate Raynaud’s attacks like stress and certain medications. Stay stress-free and confirm that the medicines you’re taking are safe and doesn’t contain any chemical that narrows the arteries. you’ll consult the simplest general physician in Lahore if you would like to understand which medicines are safe for you to require

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