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Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements: Benefits and Side Effects and uses

“The fish oil has been demonstrated to reduce blood levels of LDL and VLDL cholesterol. LDL and VLDL are harmful forms of cholesterol.

Reduction in elevated blood levels of this fat is beneficial to cardiac health.

The oils inhibit blood platelet ‘stickiness’ of the sort that contributes to formation of clots.

In a two-year study, fish oil supplements lowered angina pains and reduced the requirement for nitro-glycerin among these individuals.

Overall, the fish oil appears to have a promising future in cardiovascular real.”



“Fish oils are very reliably lower the triglyceride threat. More than 70 studies documented that Omega-3 oils can be counted to lower triglycerides by an average of 25-35% Combine EPA and DHA with sharp curtailment of carbohydrates, and you can expect your triglycerides to plunge 75 percent.”


Dr. Berger mentions the side benefits of fish oils:

a) Migraine sufferers Doctors from the University of Cincinnati College Of Medicine found that after only six weeks of treatment with fish oils capsules. Severe migraine sufferers recorded fewer, and less severe attacks. Doctors there have found that migraine sufferers have a deficiency of fish oil in their blood.

b) Rheumatoid Arthritis – Research indicates that fish oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and thereby reduces joint inflammation.

c) Psoriasis – helped by fish oil reducing the itching, caking and flaking of skin. That marks this painful and disfiguring disease.

They also have been used to treat dermatitis and facial skin oiliness.


Lowers Blood Pressure:

Hypertension is leading cause of heart attack and stroke. The vasodilating actions of prostaglandins produced by fish oils open up the vessels, allowing blood to flow through them with less constriction, lowering blood pressure. In one study hypertensive patients were fed mackerel (supplying 2.2 grams of EPA daily) for two weeks. This resulted in significant reduction in their blood pressure. Several studies have now documented this effect.

Treatment of Arthritis:

Recent investigation of this claim is yielding promising results. Fish oils have an anti-inflammatory effect, as demonstrated in both animal and human experiments. This seemed to stop further progression of the disease in those getting the EPA. While progression continued in controls who received only placebo. Subsequent studies have also shown benefits.

Treatment of Psoriasis:

Helpful in Treatment of Psoriasis and other Skin Problems. In a recent double-blind placebo-controlled study, 1.8 gram of EPA were shown to confer significant improvement in patients with psoriasis. There has been a well-controlled study reporting benefit from fish oils in the treatment of a topic dermatitis.


These factors, as well as the fact that is EPA appears to be lower excessive triglyceride levels. A risk factor for heart disease is to make fish oil a better and safer option for preventing cardio-vascular events in high-risk individuals.”

“EPA appears to be useful in the therapy of heart disease that has already developed”. There is evidence that a fish oil lowers blood pressure and can’t reduce a chest pain during exercise in people with angina.”

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