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Break a Bad Habit and Replace With a Good One

Good health is a sign of longevity and a happy life, protect yourself from habits that become enemies of health.

There is no blessing and no wealth more than health. Man spends his life striving and wishing for good health till his last breath. Because health is a blessing given by Allah for which there is no substitute for any blessing. Which is second to none. It can also be understood that good health is also a guarantee of longevity.

Be it developed or undeveloped, man has always focused on his health. Because everyone knows that good health leads to the joys of life while health disorders are not only different. It causes diseases and even takes away the desire to live.

Good and quality food only strengthens health because in the foods eaten throughout the day, nature has kept the energy. The treasures and the ingredients that are beneficial for human health in all cases. If careless use of these foods. If used, a person can face many health problems.

In addition to eating and drinking, there are some habits that do not seem to be harmful, but when these habits become strong, diseases begin to arise, the body becomes weak and feeble, due to which the medicine also avoids the effect. And minor illnesses begin to spread to major illnesses.

Excessive consumption of tea and coffee

Everything looks good in moderation and excess of anything is always bad no matter what the food and drink, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, similarly many people drink too much coffee and especially In order to wake up at night, they resort to this which is completely harmful. Sometimes, too much tea and coffee takes sleep away from the eyes so much that it cannot be brought close even if one wants to.


Smoking is now very common and even young people seem to suffer a lot from it. It is often done to get rid of tension and stress which is nothing but hostility to one’s health. Therefore, caution should be exercised in people who smoke frequently. It can also cause lung cancer.

Use of narcotics and drugs

There are some things that, if used regularly, turn into intoxicants, including blisters, gutkas, tobacco, snuff, and many other things that irritate the mind and make a person think that they are for a while. Freed from all the sorrows of the world, but this is not the case. Similarly, there are some medicines which cause drowsiness if eaten and then its continuous use brings dangerous consequences. It is better to take any drug and medicine. To be avoided


I have heard some people say that we do not have breakfast and they leave home for the office without breakfast, breakfast is very important for human health because the stomach stays empty all night and it is fed at the right time. In such cases, the manifestation of negligence on the part of a person can be costly. Breakfast in the morning plays an important role in strengthening health. Do not neglect breakfast under any circumstances.

Unhealthy habits


According to medical experts, a person must drink at least eight to twelve glasses of water a day so that his health as well as skin, hair and nails can develop better, as well as the first cause of numerous urinary and kidney diseases. A normal person should use water in normal days and especially in summer, if you drink a glass of water every hour, many diseases will not be mentioned.

If a person examines himself in terms of health, he can know more about his own deteriorating health and deteriorating condition than a competent and skilled doctor. Here are some habits which, if abandoned, can lead to health.

Waking up late at night

Nature has created the night for the comfort of man, but in this age of busyness, thousands of people are deprived of the habit of sleeping on time at night. When man stays up late at night, it has many other effects on his health. Liver and gastrointestinal disorders also occur in the digestive system is also affected. One of the major disadvantages is the appearance of dark circles around the eyes that indicate unhealthy.

Swelling while eating

Some people are so tired from the day that as soon as they get to bed, the goddess of sleep becomes kind to them. In this exhaustion, they do not eat properly and even if they eat due to extreme hunger, They link themselves to sleep, which prevents food from being part of the body properly, and stomach ailments, including gas, heartburn, acidity, etc., become invasive.

Hot pepper spices

Chit pattas and delicious foods leave their flavor on the tongue for a long time, but chit pattas do not mean too many chili spices. Be accustomed to the taste but it is wrong, especially red pepper is the enemy of health, if you want to make yourself healthy, you have to get rid of hot pepper spices.

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