Dengue fever: causes, symptoms, treatment and protection

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that affects about 100 to 400 million people each year. The virus that spreads dengue is called the dengue virus; And it is found in parts of Asia and Latin America.

Causes of dengue fever:

Mosquitoes are substances that spread the disease. Female mosquitoes need blood to lay eggs, which they do by biting humans. While biting, the female mosquito releases its saliva, which prevents the blood from clotting, during which time it obtains the blood needed for its eggs.

If the saliva contains the dengue virus, the person will get dengue fever. In addition, the disease can spread from mother to baby during delivery and during blood transfusions.

Symptoms of dengue fever:

Dengue is fatal in very few patients, while in most people it is just a flu-like condition that goes away on its own in a few days. More symptoms are listed below:

High fever

۔ Headache

۔ Vomiting and nausea

۔ Rash

۔ Inflammation of the glands

۔ Pain behind the eyes

Most of the symptoms are mild but the most severe are:

۔ Persistent vomiting

۔ Severe abdominal pain

۔ Difficulty breathing


۔ Anxiety

۔ Bleeding in the urinary tract

۔ Bleeding from the gums

Dengue diagnosis:

In the presence of the above symptoms, the doctor may prescribe the following tests:

۔ Nucleic acid amplification test:

۔ Serological tests:

This is done 7 days after the symptoms appear. These tests are to detect the presence of antibodies against the virus in the blood. IGA is formed 5 days after infection and IGM 2 to 4 weeks later.

After doing both tests, the doctor’s diagnosis undoubtedly becomes dengue.

Treatment of dengue:

Medical experts say that drinking papaya leaf juice in the morning and evening is very useful for dengue patients. In case of minor symptoms, only painkillers such as penicillin are effective. In addition, aspirin should not be used in this disease as it increases the chances of bleeding.

In case of severe symptoms, hospitalization is done and blood transfusion or fluids are given through IV line.

Dengue fever protection:

The best way to prevent this is to avoid female mosquitoes, which is possible in two ways. One is to control the mosquito population in your area and the other is to get vaccinated.

The vaccine for this disease (called dengue vaccine) is given 3 times a year but its effectiveness is not complete. Therefore, the best strategy is to take the following measures:

 Use mosquito repellent lotion

۔ Use clothes that cover the body

۔ Close holes and other openings in the doors of your homes

۔ Drain the standing water somewhere in the house

If you suspect that a loved one or you are suffering from this disease, consult a doctor immediately.

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