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Excellent effect! Massages for Eye Strain

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When you work a lot on your computer, your eyes can get very tired. At the end of the month, when I tend to be busy, I was asked to do additional time-consuming work. I had to respond while staring at the computer screen all the time. It was necessary to check a very detailed figure for a long time. When eyestrain overlaps above a certain limit, pain, numbness, and numbness spread not only to the eyes but also to the neck, shoulders, and back. This is so-called eye strain.

If left untreated, it is a terrifying symptom that can lead to serious illnesses such as insomnia and autonomic imbalance. You may have had this kind of symptom. Occupationally, I can’t stop overworking my eyes with a computer or smartphone, but I feel tired and painful. When this happens, the amount of fatigue that accumulates every day is so great. That it doesn’t heal easily even if I sleep or rest on holidays.

If possible, when you feel tired at work, if you can relieve your tiredness with an easy massage, it will be less likely to accumulate. Here are some such simple massages.

If you diligently relieve your fatigue and be careful not to get tired, you should not feel sick.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce a self-care massage that can be done by yourself at the desk at work, which is effective for eyestrain.

Why is massage effective for eye?

The head is always above the heart, and there are only capillaries around the eyes, and large arteries and lymph vessels are far away, so fluid circulation tends to be blocked.

Moreover, when stress builds up, the muscles of the face do not move and become a hard mass. The body fluids do not circulate and fatigue substances cannot be removed.

By pressing the above acupoints, the circulation of muscles, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels will improve, and fatigue substances will flow out more easily, and fatigue will be released.

Sunlight for eyes

The bone from the temple to the outer corner of the eye is recessed about two fingers from the midpoint between the outer corner of the eyebrow and the outer corner of the eye.

You should find a comfortable dent by looking around the area with the tip of your index finger. Changing the position little by little.

It is effective for red eyes, blurred vision, presbyopia, and facial neuralgia.


It is located just below the center of the pupil, one finger down from the lower eyelids of the left and right eyes.

Draw a line straight down from the eyeball and two fingers above the point where it mixes with the nasolabial fold.

You should find a pleasant dent by gradually changing the position of the surrounding area.

In addition to relieving eyestrain, it is said to be effective for headaches and migraines.


Is a common cause of vision loss in the U.S. and usually strikes people over the age of 60. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is an eye disease that may get worse over time. The macula is responsible for sight in the center of the field of vision and the most sensitive part of the retina.

Our doctors can detect the disease, as well as certain changes in the eye that indicate a risk of developing AMD.


Introduction Diabetic retinopathy is a condition that permanent loss of eyesight this is a major cause of loss of vision in our country. In diabetic retinopathy the blood vessels of the retina (the nerves in the eye that allows us to see) become abnormal and may cause problems with eyesight. If this condition is left untreated it can lead to permanent and severe vision loss. But if a person receives proper eye care regularly, and treatment when necessary, diabetic retinopathy will rarely cause total blindness.


Any clouding or loss of clarity of the natural lens in the eye is called cataract. A cataract can occur in any part of the lens: the front part, the center, or the back part. At least 30% of the people over 65 will have at least some cataract. When a cataract is mild and the blurring is not great, a change of glasses may be helpful. When a cataract is bad enough that new glasses do not help, surgery can be used to restore vision.


Is a disease that results in damage to the optic nerve because of a high pressure in the eye. Glaucoma usually has few symptoms. Half the people with glaucoma don’t know it because it usually destroys the eyesight without pain. Seeing your doctor regularly is the best way to prevent vision loss from glaucoma.

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